Traffic tango

Joanne Morgan
October 4, 2023

Greetings, fellow traffic enthusiasts and connoisseurs of chaos! Today, we're diving headfirst into the world of temporary traffic management, where the roads are paved with good intentions but can be sometimes lined with orange cones of confusion. Buckle up, because we're about to embark on a journey through some of the most comical traffic mishaps from across the globe.

"Cone-a-palooza" in Chicago

The Windy City has seen its fair share of peculiar traffic scenarios, but none quite like the Cone-a-palooza of 2019. Picture this: an army of rogue traffic cones escaped from their designated zones, forming an impromptu conga line on Lake Shore Drive. Commuters couldn't help but feel they had stumbled upon a secret traffic cone rave. Thankfully, they were reunited with their rightful positions after a few days of spirited salsa dancing.

"The Leaning Tower of Traffic" in Pisa

When in Pisa, one typically thinks of the famous Leaning Tower. But in 2017, a temporary traffic management crew decided to take the "leaning" theme a little too far. Instead of erecting road signs and cones vertically, they opted for a more avant-garde approach, causing cars to swerve in confusion as they navigated the slanted streets. Tourists thought it was an art installation until they realised it was just a "traffic-ident."

"Painted Pavement Pandemonium" in London

London is known for its rich history, but in 2020, it added a new chapter: the Painted Pavement Pandemonium. A well-intentioned road worker decided to get creative with the zebra crossing paint job. Instead of the usual stripes, they painted an intricate mural of a dragon in a heated chess match with a squirrel. Pedestrians were left bewildered, wondering if they were crossing the road or entering a medieval-themed amusement park.

"The Great Barrel Caper" in Sydney

Down under, the streets of Sydney witnessed a peculiar incident in 2016. A group of mischievous kangaroos decided to launch a "barrel caper" during a roadwork project. They hopped off with a stash of traffic barrels, transforming the Outback into an obstacle course. Drivers were forced to swerve, hop, and do their best kangaroo impersonations as they navigated the bizarre route.

"The Traffic Tango" in Buenos Aires

Argentina's vibrant culture extends even to its traffic management, as evidenced by the Traffic Tango of 2015. During a major construction project, road workers decided to embrace the spirit of Buenos Aires by donning tango attire and breaking into spontaneous dance routines in the middle of traffic jams. It turns out, when life gives you traffic, you tango your way through it.

These tales from the world of temporary traffic management remind us that even in moments of chaos, humour can be found. So next time you encounter a traffic snarl, just remember that somewhere out there, a traffic cone might be living its best life on the open road, and a kangaroo could be orchestrating a barrel caper of epic proportions. Stay safe and keep an eye out for traffic's quirky side!

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