Lewis Erskine

Operations Director and Co-Owner

A man whose career is as diverse as a buffet menu at a fancy restaurant.

With experience in Hospitality & Catering and Management as well as over 15 years of working in Welfare to Work and Recruitment, Lewis has more hats than a magician at a hat convention. But don't worry, he's not pulling rabbits out of them- he's changing people's lives by catapulting them into the high-speed world of Traffic Management. Lewis' pledge is simple; he is all about delivering on promises. His wrap-around support is like snugly-fit Hi Vis for job seekers, tailor made and designed for success. It's so well-crafted that even the most fashionable supermodels would be envious.

And speaking of fashion, our new Quinton Headquarters is the catwalk of Lewis' dreams. It's the result of years of vision and hard work- everyone from across the West Midlands is welcome to attend, whether you're dressed in your PPE, a three piece suit, or your favourite pj's, you're more than welcome to swing by and soak in the vibes!

Now, when Lewis isn't busy being a Traffic Management superstar, he is out there chasing his dream of becoming the new Yaya Toure on the football pitch. And with four knee operations under his belt, Lewis is basically the Bionic Midfielder. So, if you ever need a hand on the field or some expert guidance on live lanes on the roads, Lewis is your go-to guy. You know where to find him- somewhere between traffic cones and football goals!

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