Jo Morgan

Employability Trainer and Lantra accredited TTMBC Trainer

With a teaching career spanning over twenty five years, leading teams, and working in Education, Theatre and Music, Jo is an Employability Trainer who knows the ins and outs of crafting courses and building curricula that hit the bullseye. A mix of tenacious spirit and understanding, seasoned with a dash of empathy and a sprinkle of sarcastic humour, she is part of Vocation Training's diverse and uplifting team, transforming training into a show-stopping spectacle. 
So what does she do on a daily basis? Guiding unemployed adults through Traffic Management training, helping them navigate the mysteries of the Red Book Safety at Street Works code of practice until students become Health & Safety whizzes. She's bursting with tricks to polish interview and work trial skills, and is adept at prepping CVs that could charm the socks off traffic cones. When she is not in training mode, you'll likely catch her globe-trotting like a linguist on a caffeine high, engaging in chit-chats with the world in a mishmash of languages!
Vocation Training
We're a West Midlands based training provider that delivers Traffic Management training with an employer lead focus.
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