Danny Fontaine

Employability Trainer

For more than two decades, Danny has been an unwavering presence in the training arena, with his strong management skills he has orchestrated and led teams across the landscape of the Education sector. With Danny at the helm, classes at not merely educational sessions: they are riveting journeys into the world of vocational expertise. Danny's secret sauce? Infusing his engaging employability classes with a generous dose of amusement, offering not only industry insights but also a chance for learners to chuckle  together whilst learning. Expect to trade life tales that sprinkle a human touch into the curriculum. Danny's mission revolves around empowering learners to embrace their potential. His dedication extends to every single individual and organisation that collaborates with Vocation Training. Here's the thing: Danny's not just a maestro in the training realm, he's a real-life super-hero, with his power being an unruffled composure even when navigating his mountain bike cross country, decked out in lycra in his two-wheeled avenger attire!

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