Case Study 8: S

Joanne Morgan
July 20, 2019

S, 29 years old, was born in France and had an excellent work history in France and Australia as a Project Manager in construction. Despite this, S had never worked in the UK and had spent 18 months unemployed before receiving support from Vocation Training. 

S had an excellent understanding of construction but struggled to break into the construction industry in the UK due to a language barrier, not having his construction qualifications translated to English and not having any UK employer references. 

S completed the traffic management training and was given 1 to 1 support during his exams due to the language barrier. S began his work trial on 11th July 2019 and was offered a contract on 16th July 2019. S started off at an agency doing a few shifts a week due having childcare responsibilities being unsure if traffic management was right for him due to his past experience. The team at Vocation Training continued to work with S and explained that he needed to use this role as a stepping stone in the UK to gain experience and references. 

S recently successfully passed a four stage interview process for Balfour Beatty and starts a new returners programme to get back into Project Management in January 2020. 

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