Case Study 5: N

Joanne Morgan
November 25, 2019

N, 33 years old, had always previously worked in the education sector but wanted to make a career switch and work within the construction sector due to its progression prospects. N was a single parent who was from a domestic violence background. N suffered with low self esteem and confidence issues due to this. After the training N stated that her confidence increased from 4/10 to 7/10 which the team at Vocation Training were thrilled with. 

During the first week of traffic management training N developed daily and engaged with all of the training and other learners, she often gave different insight and outlook and was never afraid to ask questions, which was a testament to her willingness and determination to learn. She completed the first week and gained an excellent understanding of the role studying Conflict Management, Health and Nutrition, Equality and Diversity and Mental Health, which N had some great insights into from her own personal experiences with mental health. 

N’s confidence grew daily and she went on to complete the second week of the traffic management training, passing all of the assessments and feeling ready and confident to start work. Her work trial began on the 20th November 2019 and she was offered a contract by an agency on the 23rd November 2019. Working for an agency as a single parent was ideal for N as she could work around her children. N has said she is really enjoying the work and the atmosphere of the workplace and is taking every shift she is offered. The feedback from the agency is excellent. 

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