A Guide to nailing Your Work Trial as a Trainee Traffic Management Operative

Joanne Morgan
October 4, 2023

Landing a permanent position as a Trainee Traffic Management Operative can be an exciting step toward a rewarding career, but first, you'll need to ace your Work Trial. This crucial evaluation period will determine whether you're a good fit for the company and its demanding yet fulfilling role, and you’ll get to experience what life is really like out on the roads. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you shine during your trial and increase your chances of securing that permanent position.

Drug & Alcohol test

Start your trial by passing a drug and alcohol urine test. This is a standard procedure for safety in the industry, so make sure you're prepared.

Company PPE 

Collect your company regulation logo-ed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). These are the backbone of safety in traffic management.


Pay close attention during the company's induction. You'll learn about the company's working regulations and crucial Health & Safety requirements for on-site work. These rules are non-negotiable, so understanding them is vital.

Depot tour

Get familiar with the company's depot facilities. Understanding the layout will help you become more efficient when you're on the job.

Driving assessment

You’ll be asked to demonstrate your ability to drive larger company vehicles. Safety is paramount, so be sure to adhere to all road rules and guidelines. If you have never driven company vehicles before, please let them know!

Worksite exposure

Shadow experienced qualified operatives on live job sites. Observe how they handle tasks, interact with contractors, and ensure public safety during active traffic conditions.

Cone, sign, and light setup

Learn the proper techniques for setting up cones, signs, and lights. Precision and measurements are key as these elements play a vital role in ensuring safety on the road.


Collaboration is fundamental in traffic management. Practice working seamlessly with your team, communicating effectively, and coordinating tasks to achieve project goals.

Real-world experience

During your Work Trial, you will actively participate in the tasks alongside qualified operatives. This is your opportunity to apply what you've learned in theory at Vocation Training and during your Lantra qualifications (tickets) and demonstrate your ability to handle real traffic management scenarios.

Feedback and Evaluation

Throughout the trial, expect continuous monitoring and feedback. Be receptive to feedback and make improvements as necessary.

If you consistently turn up to shift on time, demonstrate a commitment to safety, a willingness to learn, and the ability to work effectively in a team, your chances of securing a permanent position will significantly increase. Remember that the company is assessing not just your skills, but also your attitude and adaptability, and you get the chance to “try before you buy” to see if you enjoy working in the company and the Traffic Management industry.

By the end of the Work Trial, if both you and the company are satisfied with your performance, you land that coveted permanent job as a Trainee Traffic Management Operative. Good luck, and stay safe out there!

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